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CladLight offers unique products to suite clients needs.

The Smart Jacket is our main product.

The Smart Jacket

The smart jacket is a unique product that aims to increase visibility of bikers on our roads. From it's name, it is smart in that with every turn you take i.e right or left, or brake, the same is reflected on the jacket automatically. The jacket adopts wireless technology to transmit signals to the motor bike. On top of that, a fashion twist is added on the jacket making it trendy. The inclusion of a tracker by use of GPS will allow for bikers location to be tracked real time.

Why Choose CladLight?

  • Saves your life
  • Tracking
  • Reduces number of road accidents
  • Style


We fit LED lights on reflector jackets to create a unique product dubbed Smart Jacket.


We fit GPS trackers on the bike and sync with the jacket thereby allowing for biker's movements to be tracked.

Other services

Creating custom reflector jackets based on customer's needs.

About Us

CladLight is a company that specialises in producing wearing technologies to solve or reduce some of the challenges we face day to day. The name "Clad" means clothes. Our first product is the Smart Jacket that will reduce number of motorcycle related accidents due to poor visibility.This is a brain child of two brothers, Charles and Joseph Muchene.

According to a report by World Health Organization statistics puts the number of Kenyans who die in traffic accidents at between 3000-13000 per year most of whom are pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists. This is largely attributed to low visibility. CladLight expects to reduce these accidents by 30 percent. This steep rise in deaths from motorcycle accidents prompted the duo to come up with this ingenious idea to save lives.

The Smart Jacket is created by adding flash lights on reflector jackets. The jacket is connected wirelessly to an on board transmitter mounted on the motorbike such that when the operator is turning left or Right the Smart Jacket lights according to the turn. The jacket is equipped with transmitters and a rechargeable battery. The components design has been improved to allow ease of use even when an operator is riding the motorbike. It will be trendy and we are also adding a twist of fashion. CladLight's success means one thing, Saving of lives.

We bring you a unique product with a twist of fashion to save your life. Be safe on the road.

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